Telephoto zoom camera lense

Telephoto Zoom Fisheye Wide-Angle Macro Camera Lenses Kit

Item Type: Camera Phone Lenses

Maganification: 8X Zoom

Minimum Focus Distance: 3 m

Field View: 246 m

View Angle: 16 Degrees

Size: 30 x 70 mm


Magnification: up to 180 Degrees

Lens Construction: 2 Elements in 2 Groups

Dimensions (Main Body): 25 mm (Diameter) x 14 mm (Length)

Weight: 8 g


Magnification: Wide 0.67X + Macro

Angle: 130 Degrees

Lens Construction: 2 Elements in 2 Groups

Dimensions (Main Body): 20 mm (Diameter) x 12 mm

Telephoto zoom camera lense


Magnification: Super Macro

Lens Construction: 1 Element in 1 Group

Shot Distance: between 10~23 mm

Dimensions (Main Body): 20 mm (Diameter) x 7.5 mm (Length)

Weight: 2 g

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Package Includes: 1 x Fisheye Lens, 1 x Wide-Angle & Macro Lens, 1 x 8X Telephoto Lens, 1 x Case for iPhone 6/6s, 3 x Lens Caps

Features: Camera Phone Lenses Kit, Macro Camera Lens, Wide-Angle Camera Lens, Fisheye Camera Lens, Telephoto Zoom Camera Lens

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  • Emily R Jan 23

    I Love this product, It satisfies my curiosity, Great Quality HD Photos

  • Greg Mendy
    Feb 5

    The Telephoto zoom camera lens is superb! Pleasantly Surprised by the quality photos and videos.

  • Janny Rose
    Dec 6

    This product gave me HD Photos on my vacation

  • D. Felix Jan 4

    I love the photos and video production. Nice

  • Paulinus Z 

    I love it, Good value for money

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